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Biblical Garden | Park | Room of Tranquility | Sauna | Neudietendorf | Thuringia

Biblical Garden, Park & More at Zinzendorfhaus Neudietendorf

The Zinzendorfhaus in Neudietendorf was built by the Herrnhut Unity of Brethren during the 18th century. Ever since it accommodated the sisters of the Unity of Brethren, an Economic Women’s School and a Girls’ Boarding School. Since 1949 the house is a conference location of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany. 2007 the Zinzendorfhaus was converted and new guest houses were built in the gardens of the site. One of the guest houses functions as a conference location as well and is the headquarter of the Protestant Academy of Thuringia. Up until today visitors can experience the spiritual atmosphere of the old building and its Christian history. Take a visit to the Zinzendorfhaus, the accommodations and the buildings as well as the green outdoor area.

If you want to know more about house and park of the Zinzendorfhaus in Neudietendorf, feel free to contact us.


Dining Room


Room of Tranquility

Raum der Stille




God’s Acre